Liam Neeson Joins UNICEF, Alicia Silverstone Poses for Vogue, and More

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Liam Neeson has joined UNICEF as the organization's newest Goodwill Ambassador, but those who've followed his humanitarian work, says Tonic, the appointment wasn't much of a shock: The actor has worked with the group for nearly 15 years, supporting the Change for Good efforts, the Believe in Zero campaign, and other programs. "I am deeply honored to have been asked by UNICEF to become a Goodwill Ambassador," said Neeson, "and am committed to working with UNICEF to help children overcome poverty, violence, disease and discrimination across the world."

Alicia Silverstone, Down on the Farm

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For its April issue photoshoot with Alicia Silverstone, Vogue went all out to satisfy her green leanings, the actress said on her blog. The shoot took place at Animal Acres, where Silverstone shared the spotlight with turkeys, chickens, ducks, and cows -- and the humans on set got the same green treatment. "The onset motorhome was run on bio-diesel fuel, and they were playing groovy music," said the actress on her blog, The Kind Life. "It was a beautiful, fun day. Even the bathroom had Seventh Generation babywipes and a candle. The food was all plant-based, and all was groovy! It was an amazing surprise to show up to a motor home like this. Yay, Vogue!"

Stars Come Out at Bid to Save the Earth

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Stocked with plenty of star-studded donations -- and with plenty of A-listers on hand -- the Bid to Save the Earth live auction and fashion show in Rockefeller Center raised more than $1.4 million for Oceana, the NRDC, the Central Park Conservancy, and Conservation International. "Saturday Night Live"'s Seth Meyers emceed the event, which also included a surprise performance from Nicki Minaj and celebrity attendees like Ted Danson, Diane Kruger, and Michael Kors. Two items tied for top bid -- one of which was a day with Bill Clinton -- but if you missed out, the online auction runs through April 7.

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Didn't get to finish your entry for the Green Challenge yet? Good news: The organization has extended the deadline to April 22 -- leaving your kids plenty of time to enlist their friends, create a project, and include their Earth Day activities. Olivia Munn, the spokesperson for the contest, gives more details in this video from Do Something and, on The Huffington Post, talked about why the campaign is aimed at students: "We are a generation of really smart, ingenious, cutting edge people who have given us Twitter, Facebook, Angry Bird, Hoverboards... Actually no one has made a Hoverboard yet, and for that, I am deeply upset... I digress, sorry. This campaign is reaching out to students asking them to use all that brain power and creativity to help save our planet. "

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