Lexus Hybrid Living's Project Greenhouse at Sundance


Ok. There was a lot of criticism of non-film-related marketing at the Sundance this year. It's super easy to approach eco-SWAG and marketing with cynicism. But, guess what? In an all-around optimistic frame of mind, I found myself feeling like that much overused term "tipping point" applied. Here were the Lexus Hybrid Living folks, who clearly know their audience, creating a smart venue for luminaries get to know eco-stylish businesses, as well as Former Director of the United Nations’ Environment Program Dr. Noel Brown, while allowing the likes of me to "cross-pollinate". Both the smart marketing and the rare opportunity for conversation with multiple businesses we've covered on the TH pages, thrilled me. Those representing included some of the Hybrid Living family: Kenneth Cobonpue, Paula Hayes, and Q Collection.

We also had the chance to get cozy with Lush soaps and body bars, Fairmont's new "Mayan Riviera" property (more about those later!), Yolo Paints, and extraordinarily promising Nau active wear (more on Nau soon!).As we mentioned previously, Ed Begley, Jr. and Rachelle Carson were on hand to tell us about HGTV's Living With Ed. Timithy Hutton stopped by when I wasn't there, but I did enjoy the rare pleasure of watching Kevin Bacon have a go at Begley's carbon-neutral toast.

Re-usable goody bags held Begley's Best, much-needed Eco Lips balm, Bambu appetizer plates and some other treats I'll research a bit before filling you in. ::Lexus Hybrid Living at the Sundance Film Festival