Letting the Holidays Go to Your Waste

We were perusing through back issues of the Use Less Stuff bi-monthly newsletter and found their guide: "Don't Let the Holidays Go to Your Waste." Although it's from their Nov-Dec 1996 (Vol. 3:6) issue, it's still a good read with some interesting, basic tips that we could all put into good use during this festive season to reduce our impacts on our precious Mother Earth. The website was created by William Rathje and Robert Lilienfield, the people who formalized the term garbology.

Here are a few examples to wet your whistle before you check it out yourself:

Holiday cards bought in one year would fill a football field 10 stories high! If each of us sent out one fewer card, that huge mound would be reduced by a full story, saving over 50,000 cubic yards of paper.

Local postmasters tell us that up to 20% of all mail is incorrectly addressed or otherwise undeliverable. Save time, money and resources by updating and paring down your list.

Having a party? Turn down the heat before guests arrive. Their extra body heat will help warm the room.

Reuse packaging cartons and shippings materials. Old newspaper makes for excellent packing, too. Shred some at work and bring it home, if you can.

Check out our 2007 Treehugger Green Gift Guide for more tips. We┬┤ll bring you more on the Use Less Stuff life cycle assessment reports this week. Image Copyright Virginia A. Spiegel. See the image at: The Garbage Day Project

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