Let's Talk Baby Talk

Responsible new parents are looking for ways to reduce the impact of disposable diapers. They want green clothes that are made of organic cotton and are free of chemicals but are still adorable. In response some small companies have started to create FairTrade clothing. Green Baby is an English company, set up by a Canadian who couldn’t find washable diapers when she moved to England. She soon expanded from selling a full range of diapers, and baby wipes (with aloe vera), to designing bright and colourful organic cotton clothing for babies to toddlers. It is produced by FairTrade partners—a community project for poor women in South India which runs a school for deaf girls and an organic clothing factory to provide jobs. Greenfibres is another small company based in Devon, which is community based and guided by ethical principles. They use local labour, no chemicals, minimal packaging and support local textile farms to minimise air miles. Little babies need good organic food too. Plum Baby is the first babyfood to carry the Fairtrade Mark, contains no salt or preservatives,is full of superfoods, like blueberries and sold in recycleable pots. :: via newconsumer

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