'Let's Save Our Environment': The Next Ridiculous Viral Video

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Every once in a while, a song will emerge to invigorate the environmental movement, and help bring an overlooked plight to the attention of the masses. Micheal Jackson's 'Earth Song' and Joni Mitchell's 'Big Yellow Taxi', for example, were huge hits trumpeting environmental awareness. Such songs are powerful--they can win hearts and minds, educate, and inspire.

"Let's Save Our Environment" is not one of those songs. Its music video, however, is perhaps the most ridiculous thing you will see all day--and yet, you can't look away . . .Someone dug up this video, apparently created by some band called Dancing Butterflies in 2002, and posted it on YouTube. It's making the rounds on Digg and other sites, and seems to be on its way to be going viral. Enjoy.

Stunning. I have no idea what this is--the video's YouTube uploader claims it's not a spoof, though I'm not so sure. I tried to dig up any available info that a few quick searches could offer, but nada. If anyone has any word on the origin of this glorious creation, please share in the comments. If you're simply speechless, that's okay, too.

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