Let's Raise $100,000 in 1 Week! Summer of Social Good Has Given Us a Challenge

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Last week Mashable kicked off the first Summer of Social Good, which aims to leverage social media to raise money for The Humane Society, Oxfam, Livestrong and WWF. Well, now they're shifting into high gear for the $100K in 1 Week Challenge. Here's how it'll work:All that needs to happen is 5,000 people to donate $20. Which, like any fund raising effort, is probably easier said than done.

Donate $20 & Tweet
So to help push it along and reach the goal of $100,000 by next Monday what you can do is (if you haven't already donated), donate $20; then spread the word by tweeting one of the following, or something similar in your own words:

Raise 100k in 1 week by donating $20 to http://sosg.org and retweeting this. #socialgood #100k1week

Donate $20 to Summer of Social Good and retweet this to raise #100k1week http://sosg.org #socialgood

Donate $20 (http://bit.ly/100k1week) to Summer of Social Good and retweet this http://sosg.org #100k1week #socialgood

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