Let's Play Ethica, the Ethical Monopoly Game

Ethica ethical financial boardgame photo

Unlike Monopoly, where the goal is to buy more and more houses, hotels and entire streets, in Ethica, the best family and best bank wins. The best are those groups who obtain the most points in 3 sectors: the financial, social and environmental one. Ethica is the ethical finance board game designed by Barcelonya in Spain. So gather 6 or more players and roll the dice!Players take the role of families or bankers, who each have money to invest. Families visit the banks and choose a shared investment, cooperative investment or savings account.  Each of these investments and savings can give a financial (Profit), social (People) and environmental (Planet) score, either positive or negative, depending on the throw of the die. Needless to say that the most ethical family investor and bank investor win. This is the family and bank with the highest score; either the Profit, People or Planet score.

Ethica players will:

  • Learn how personal savings and investments can affect other people, the planet and the global economy - both for better and for worse.

  • Understand the pros and cons of different investments and savings, and their levels of financial, social and environmental risk.

  • Be able to make more informed, ethical choices about how we can use and invest our money in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

  • Understand how money can be a tool for both sustainable and unsustainable development in a range of businesses.

  • Understand how banks can use and abuse the money that we invest in them.

  • Understand how we can influence banks and businesses by choosing our bank or investing our money.

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