Let's Not Blow This

Pols talk up a storm about horrors of global warming but bypass doables like paying farmers to erect windmills.
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Wayne Roberts has been involved in the environmental movement for a long time, writing at Toronto's Now Magazine since it started in 1981; we have learned much from him. This week he writes an important overview of the current eco efforts, to take advantage of the reawakened public interest in things green. He says "There’s still time to avoid the mistakes of past eco efforts that left our habitat in worse shape than before"

He reviews past failures: The first wave of environmentalism from the 1880's to the 20's; the sixties and seventies Rachel Carson/ Barry Commoner era; the eighties and nineties of acid rain and ozone.

He then suggests four points to deal with the current wave.

1) "Don't bite off more than you can chew by taking on entrenched interests that can swat head-on assaults like mosquitoes". Concentrate your ammo.

2) We need a steady accumulation of victories, not just talk. Where are controls on "gas-fired seadoos, skidoos, powerboats, lawn mowers and other "pleasure" vehicles that pollute much more than SUVs for no purpose"?

3) Embed eco habits in the economy of daily life.

4) Don't waste your life and reputation in Darth Vader corporations. Find a job that makes green possible and profitable.

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