Let's Green This City: San Francisco's Online Green Community


Living green can mean so many things, from biking to work to using solar power. LetsGreenThisCity.com provides info on all points in between for San Francisco, from sustainable businesses to solar schools to making life more sustainable around your home and at work. TreeHugger's own Nick Aster is on board, providing helpful hints and resources for ways to be green in the city by the bay. The site also offers a forum for Bay Area users to sound off about all the green options available around town. Yet another great example that you can be green at home, at work, on the go, with your dollars and with your time. Click on over to see what's happening; if you're in San Francisco, sign up to contribute to the forums, learn more about your city, and lend your knowledge about getting greener to your fellow Bay Area TreeHuggers. ::Let's Green This City via ::Sustainable Style Foundation's online sourcebook

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