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The Do Lectures were held this year for the first time. Started by a couple who live in Wales who "wanted to know what to Do about the things they cared about." They had an idea that "the Doers of the world can inspire the rest of us to go Do something." So they came up with a list of 22 inspirational speakers from a wide range of backgrounds: business, science, politicians, environmentalists, authors, bloggers and beekeepers. They got a grant from howies, (a Welsh company) and held a sort of lottery for 60 people to attend . Applicants had to send in a hand-written letter explaining what they wanted to DO. The whole event, complete with workshops, music and lectures was held at a near-by farm in Wales.

The rest of us will have to listen to the speakers on the net. But since they were asked to "give the talk of their lives" that isn't a problem. In addition, each speaker has their own page on the site where they have a biography and a section where they let you know what they are into, who they read and respect. It alone is a fascinating guide to many new directions in reading and thinking.

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So who are the speakers; or the DOERS, as they are called. Some names are familiar to TreeHugger readers. There is the author of "The Cloudspotter's Guide", Gavin Pretor-Pinney, with a descriptive slide show that will change the way you look at clouds. The leader of "Plane Stupid" is talking about her initiation into grass roots activism. The head of Surfers Against Sewage talks about the group's evolution from a group of Cornwall surfers into sophisticated environmental critics. Architect Ken Yeang talked about green design, and his futuristic views of Tokyo and New York, Yun Hinder talked about his experiences as a food forager and Trevor Baylis spoke about his inventions and Guy Watson on the development of organic vegetable box schemes. The Do Lectures Via : PFSK
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