Leonardo DiCaprio's Green Oscar, Salma Hayek's Got Milk, and More

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My favorite eco-star might of gotten snubbed by Oscar, but Leo's enivormental work gets a green prize. The actor/activist was honored with the International Green Film Award by Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev at the Cinema For Peace ceremony in Berlin, Germany. Leo's mission is to raise awareness against global warming and he received this award as recognition for his efforts in promoting peace and tolerance in the global film business. Besides a nice trophy, Leo also gets $250 thousand donation for an environmental foundation or film project. Thanks: Just Jared

Salma's "Breast" Intentions:

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Salma's got milk and heart. The actress who declared "she's obsessed with breastfeeding," shared her breast milk with another women's newborn son. Sound bizarre? Before you judge, know Salma was helping a starving mother from Sierra Leone who wasn't able to properly breast-feed her baby. "The baby was very hungry - I was weaning my daughter, Valentina, but I still had a lot of milk, so I breast-fed him. The actresses' goodwill gesture occured during a 2008 trip to Sierra Leone. Hayek told ABC reporter Cynthia McFadden, who reported on Salma's journey, that 'the idea of helping child in this way had been a long tradition in her family. The Mexican-born actress says her great-grandmother saved the life of starving baby of a stranger by breast-feeding the child. Thanks: ABC News

India Hicks' Green Interior:

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TV's Top Design host shares her green living secrets in the March issue of Natural Health. India Hicks relies on nature to accentuate her home in the Bahamas, adding, "I'm always bringing the outdoors in - anything from branches, which I paint to render more modern, to a large bowl of tropical fruit to enhance a table setting. Also, Hicks tries hard to maintain a sustainable lifestyle by not watering her grass and always air-drying her clothes. As for simple green tips, India, adds "I barely throw anything away. I cut up and reuse the fabric of ripped bedspreads. We took took some beautiful old nautical map and covered a chest with them."

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Ice-T Warms Up To Kids:

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The Law & Order: SVU star has a soft spot for kids. The rap icon/actor hosted a rap class for the boys & girls club in the Bronx, New York. Sponsored by Tuppeware, Ice-T spent the afternoon with young kids in need and shared his inspiration for creating music. He hopes to help young song-writers tap into their emotions and get motivated to write. A nice way to celebrate Black History Month and get in tune with President Obama's declaration to "give back."

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