Leonardo DiCaprio's Eco-Charity. Plus Tommy Lee's Rockin' Green Life and Jesscia Alba's A Green Mom

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...A genuine go-to-green guy, Leonardo DiCaprio always takes time for the environment. Now, the actor is selling his $300 thousand Jaeger-LeCoultre watch to benefit his eco-charity, the Leonardo Dicaprio Fund. DiCaprio teamed up with the Swiss watch-maker to sell his and another $400 thousand time-piece in the fall of 2008 - 100% of proceeds will go to his fund. A big chunk of cash to drop on a watch - no doubt! But, at least the "crazy" money spent on these luxury items will go to a worthy cause.
Check Out: Leonardo Dicaprio Fund Tommy Lee's Vegetarian Diet:

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...It must be love! The hard-living rocker says he's gone veggie in an effort to rebuild his relationship with ex-wife and PETA fave Pamela Anderson. "I just went vegetarian and I dig it, I feel lighter, I like it. I figured that this is something I hadn't done yet but wanted to," reveals Tommy Lee. And I'm sure Tommy's show on Planet Green, "Battleground Earth," also taught him a go-green trick or two. Watch Tommy Lee talk about going vegetarian.

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Jessica Alba Thinking Green Vaccines:
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...Just like all new moms, the actress is worried about her child's health. She's already greened her daughter's nursery, wardrobe, and diet - now she's concerned about vaccinations. "I've been reading a lot about kids and infections, autism and vaccinations," adds Alba. According to ecorazzi, the average child receives 24 vaccines to protect against 16 different diseases. Opponents think kids' today receive too many, too soon and many of these vaccines are toxic. Read about How To Green Your Baby.
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Julianne Moore's A Natural Beauty:
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...Love an actress who keeps her beauty real. At 47, Julianne is happy to look her age. "I don't know why women do botox," reveals Moore,"It doesn't make them younger, it just makes them look like they have had work done." Moore's secret to a youthful glow? Living away from Hollywood (she's in New York) and a happy home life with her husband Bart Freundlich and their two kids.
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