Leonardo DiCaprio's Big Green Heart, Beyonce's Fashion Excess, and more

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Ok, so this isn't a true green item. But, kudo's to my favorite eco-celeb, Leonardo DiCaprio for his consistent give-back spirit. Leo and Kate Winslet returned to their Titanic roots to help out the ship's one remaining survivor. The actors have lent their support to pay for 97-year-old Millvina Dean's nursing home care. Millvina was only 2 months old when the ship sank, and lost her father. To help keep Millvina's living situation afloat, Kate and Leo both gave her $10,000 dollars. Poor Millvina has had to resort to selling her autograph to pay her bills. Thanks: Celebs Gone Good

Beyonce's Massive Wardrobe:

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Photo Via Max Vadukul

We all know Beyonce loves to flaunt her fashion! Apparently, the clothes-loving celebrity needs an entire apartment just to house her wardrobe. The 'Crazy In Love' singer revealed to Britian's Glamour magazine, she has so many clothes she had to turn her old apartment into a closet. Yikes! Think Beyonce may need a little green fashion therapy. Here's a few suggestions to Ms. B: 1.) Shop in your own closet before you buy something new. 2.) Recycle your fashion. Drop it off at a vintage shop or even better donate to women in need.

Twlight's Ashley Greene's Green Fashion:

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Perhaps, Beyonce can take a cue from the Twilight cutie. As the celebrity spokesperson for Donate My Dress, the actress knows recycling her fashion benefits both the environment and others. Recently, Ashley helped high schooler Alejandra (in photo above), who can't afford to go to prom, get a prom dress fit for a Queen from the charity. "My dresses all hold sentimental value, but if donating my dresses can give someone else the same feeling I once had, it's completely worth it," says Ashley.
Photo Credit: Bill Schlueter

The Mentalist's Sexy Campaign:

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Mentalist star Owain Yeoman bares his love of veggies in this hot new PETA ad. The shirtless actor says ever since he's gone vegetarian he feels better (and certainly looks good). "It doesn't take a 'mentalist' to realize that eating meat just doesn't make sense anymore. It's not healthy, it's devastating to our planet, and it means a cruel, painful death for literally billions of animals every year," states Owain. Find out more about a vegetarian diet: PETA

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