Leonardo DiCaprio or Brad Pitt: Who's the More Timely Eco-Hunk? Plus Mickey Rourke Fights Again!

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Leonardo DiCaprio lost the Golden Globe, but he's always a winner on the green activist front. The eco-champ has signed on to be the celebrity face of watchmaker TAG Heuer. Replacing fellow eco-hunk Brad Pitt. But, Leo isn't pocketing a cent of his multi-million three-year deal; instead, all the money earned is going to support major environmental initiatives. "Tag and I will be making donations to some of most influential and effective environmental organizations around. These organizations are doing important work to ensure our planet's resources for future generations," states Leo.
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Mickey Rourke PETA ad

Mickey Rourke Wrestles Animal Rights

Hollywood's comeback kid is a champ for animals. The former bad boy — who just won a Golden Globe for his performance in The Wrestler - hopes to do some good with PETA's ABC campaign. Mickey stars with his beloved Chihuahua, Jaws, in the animal rights group's ad promoting spaying and neutering. Mickey and his furry best friend remind folks "When dogs get knocked up, puppies get put down because there's not enough homes for them." Nearly 8 million dogs and cats end up in animal shelters every year, and roughly half are put to death.
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Heather Mills' Vegan Mission

Heather kicks off 2009 with a new look and a do-good spirit. Paul McCartney's ex-wife wants to be known for something other than her nasty divorce battle. The longtime vegan hosted a healthy cooking day for the families of the Bronx in New York. She put on her chef hat and showed how to cook tasty and healthy vegan meals. "As mother I see firsthand the benefits of healthy eating," adds Heather. Last year, she donated 1 million dollars worth of vegan food, including soy hamburgers, soy hot dogs, and soy chicken cutlets, to the neighborhood's Hunts Point Alliance for Children. At least she's trying to makeover her gold-digger image and put some of that $50 million divorce settlement to good use.

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Vegan Is on the Menu at Sundance

Celebs get a chance to chow down on vegan food during the Sundance Film festival. America's Top Model's Nigel Barker and The Humane Society will host a vegan dinner at the Bon Appetit Supper Club to showcase Nigel's documentary "A Sealed Fate?" Nigel's film provides an up-close look at baby harp seals victimized by Canada's annual commercial seal hunt, which is the largest slaughter of marine mammals on Earth. In 2007, over 90% of the seal pups died in the southern Gulf of St. Lawerence due to melting ice. Despite this, Canada went on with the hunt.
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