Leonardo DiCaprio Is Kids' Green Hero, Nicole Richie Taps Into Charity, and More

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Leonardo DiCaprio is already a favorite with eco-minded like gals, like myself! Now the next generation are digging Leo and his big green heart. This Saturdays Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards will honor the actor/activist with their first-ever "Big Green Help Award" for his devotion to environmental issues. The award will be presented by Leo's good friend and fellow greenie, Cameron Diaz. Nickelodeon is also launching a major campaign to empower kids to take action on the environment and learn eco-friendly tips. Learn more: Nickelodeon

Edward Norton's Big Turnoff:

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The actor/activist hopes the world has heard his plea and will join him in turning off the lights this Saturday night from 8:30 - 9:30 p.m. local time. As the official Earth Hour ambassador, Edward Norton is encouraging others to go dark for one hour as a symbolic gesture in support of action against global warming. Now in its third year, last year more than 50 million people participated and the lights were turned off at landmarks like the Empire State Building and the Golden State Bridge. This year, it should be even bigger, with 2,400 cities and 82 countries prepared to go dark for 60 minutes. Learn more: Earth Hour US

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Nicole Richie's Do-Good Heart:

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Nicole Richie launched her own website to keep her fans in the know about all things happening in the Richie-Madden household. Ok, so before you go "who cares" - at least the pregnant actress is blogging about her do-good plight. She and her husband, musician Joel Madden, recently hosted a fundraiser for the Tap Project at their Hollywood home to raise funds to bring cleaner water to African villages. "The best part of night was at the end of auction when we told people about the opportunity to purchase water pumps to bring water directly to the villages," blogs Nicole. "We were able to to sell 143 pumps and raised $100 thousand among just a small group of friends! That alone is going to change children's entire lives."

Spring Awakening:

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Now that Spring is here, why not freshen up your green beauty routine? Sephora is launching an eco-chic multi-purpose rainbow of color with their Sephora PURE Wanderlust Edition Palette. Its the first product being rolled out of their green skincare and makeup line debuting in the Fall. This colorful beauty product features 6 different shadows and a blush. Plus, it's made with 95% natural ingredients and the packaging is made out of sustainable bamboo and recyclable metal. So, let your inner green goddess come forth!

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