Lenovo and DoSomething.org Challenge Teens to Take Action

scavenger hunt.JPG

Lenovo and DoSomething.org have teamed up to encourage teenagers to get out and volunteer. According to the campaign, 85% of teenagers say that they want to volunteer but only 35% do. Their 11-day challenge looks to lessen the gap by providing teens with daily challenges via text message. Community stars Alison Brie and Danny Pudi are the spokespeople for the scavenger hunt that commences Monday, July 11.

The scavenger hunt challenges teens to get involved with things that they actually care about, such as the environment, violence and bullying, animal welfare and education. Through texts and their twitter accounts, Brie and Pudi will be asking teens to take action in various ways each day. Teens can sign up now on DoSomething.org/hunt or by texting "HUNT" to 30644. The hunt starts July 11 and hopes to teach the next generation how to get themselves involved and really make a difference.

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