Lenny Kravitz Wants You to Buy Tap Water For a Cause

Lenny Kravitz for UNICEF Tap ProjectUNICEF's Tap Project/Screen capture
-- Cheers to Lenny Kravitz for tapping into this water solution.

Rocker Lenny Kravitz is still asking “Are You Gonna Go My Way?” As an actor he’s appearing in the movie The Hunger Games in a couple weeks, but as an activist he’s thirsty to get you drinking tap water during World Water Week, March 19-25.

While his character Cinna helps a young girl survive her dystopian fate in the upcoming blockbuster, his real life efforts will help millions gain access to safe clean drinking water through UNICEF’s Tap Project by rallying fans to pay $1 for a glass of tap water at participating restaurants.

The Tap Project is simple: just donate a buck when you ask for a glass of tap water and UNICEF provides 40 kids with clean water for a day -- or one child for 40 days. Your dollar goes far. Every gulp is a good reminder that 900 million people go without safe clean water in the world and half of them are kids.

No stranger to causes, the musician performed at the Gulf Coast Telethon, Live Earth concert in Brazil, has worked with the UN’s Millennium Project to end world poverty, and donated a song to Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur. Now Kravitz is supporting this clever campaign which coincides with the UN’s World Water Day, March 22.

Since it started in 2007, UNICEF's Tap Project has raised over $3 million in the U.S. and brought clean water to more than a billion people in 90 countries. Without access to safe water and basic sanitation, 4,000 children die from waterborne illnesses -- every day. The aim is to cut the number of in half by 2015. This year the focus is on Togo, Vietnam, Mauritania, and Cameroon.

“When you take water, give water”

So whenever you eat out the week of March 19th, find a restaurant that’s aboard the campaign at the website and buy a glass of tap water. Also, you can go to a Tap Project event, throw your own "Tappy Hour," donate directly, volunteer, or all the above. There are 48 restaurants near my home who are participating, including yogurt shops, and local events ranging from bake sales and walks to a benefit concert – not with Lenny Kravitz – he's opening in The Hunger Games on March 23.

It's a good time to drink from the tap. If your local eatery isn't on board, ask them to sign up.

Lenny Kravitz Wants You to Buy Tap Water For a Cause
The rocker/actor has signed up for UNICEF's Tap Project, encouraging the purchase of restaurant tap water to provide clean water to children around the world.