Learned Evolution, a Networking Site for Eco-minded Artists and Et Al.

Learned Evolution, a freshly launched web site dedicated to "developing sustainability through creativity," is an online meeting spot where artists, thinkers, and entrepreneurs can share ideas, projects, goals, and skills in order to work toward their goals in art and sustainability. Founded on the principles of Natural Capitalism, Learned Evolution uses financial competition and environmental awareness to its advantage, ... in order to prove that with a value-based sustainable approach to business, bottom lines can be improved and, at the same time, encourage corporations to preserve the health of the environment. We love the site for the same reason we (heart) the Internet itself—it's a networking playground for like-minded people that's very likely to have a positive effect on the future. The site features different artists and Web sites on a rotating basis, and offers a place for patrons to shop for paintings, T-shirts, films, and music, as well as the ability to commission artists. The painting seen here, "Limited Edition No.2," by Oliver Vernon was commissioned by Learned Evolution itself, and is available for $100. (NB: We also dig their funky morphing tree logo.) ::Learned Evolution [by MO]