Learn the Art of Soap-making From Ruby Red Cosmetics

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Martine, soap-maker and founder of Ruby Red Cosmetics is offering a series of soap-making classes in her studio/kitchen in London going on now. Students can learn not only how to make soap, but also discover what makes some soap smoother and silkier than others.One-day courses began in May and will run through November (the next one is June 27th), but they fill up fast - only 6 people per course! - so get on it and sign up today. Students will each learn how to make "cold processed soap" which is handmade soap, not the synthetic detergent "soap" bars you find at most stores. Students can also experiment with different essential and natural oils and make their own soap to take home with them.

The courses run £95 per person and include all materials, lunch, snacks and a guide to soap making. Ruby Red Cosmetics is a natural skin-care company that sources all ingredients from organic materials to make lotions and bath salts. All containers are recyclable or biodegradable and none of the products are tested on animals. Ingredients come from a fair trade women's cooperative in Ghana and several of the gift boxes are hand-made from natural materials by women in Nepal. :Ruby Red Cosmetics
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