Lean and Green [Architecture] in NYC


Couldn't see a better way to say this, so here it is unabridged: "The Architectural League created the New York Designs lecture series in 2003 to provide a forum for the presentation of innovative and accomplished built work in New York City. This year's series will spotlight small projects that use the challenge of environmental sustainability as a catalyst for architectural invention. While there is general agreement within the architecture and design community that sustainability is a key issue for the 21st century, there is enormous internal conflict about what does or should constitute "green" design." If you are an individual ("we are all individuals". "I'm not!)*, or a firm that might have one to three such projects you've built in New York, then you have until 18 April 06 to get your submission in for consideration with this May/June lecture series. The League are also running an earlier series of lectures in April, called Architecture and Environment, which ask the question: Does "green architecture," as currently conceived, go far enough? Bill Kibben leads off on 17 April. (I'm beginning to take a shine to these guys.) ::The Architectural League, found via a Google search.* a classic line from the Monty Python movie, Life of Brian