Leading Architects to Battle it Out at The Barbican Debate

Architects Attending The Barbican Debate photo

This Thursday 9th April the Barbican Centre in London will host a heavyweight architectural showdown. The Barbican Debate, inspired by the Barbican's current Le Corbusier exhibition, will see celebrated architects debating the question: 'Can good design change the world?’ At the risk of sounding reductive, clearly the simple answer is yes it can. I'm not sure there's much to debate in this question, but nevertheless it should be an interesting meeting of minds and a chance to hear how seriously architects take their design responsibilities. We know Architecture For Humanity founder Cameron Sinclair for one will be very vocal on this topic, but who is he going to face on the debating stage? Click through to find out...Alongside Cameron will be celebrated landscape-architect, Corbusier scholar and founder of the Maggie's Centres, Charles Jencks, founding partner of the Dutch leading architectural practice MVRDV, Winy Maas and Sean Griffiths of FAT Architecture. Unfortunately the line up looks rather stereotypically male. Zaha Hadid was originally booked to add some volatile female flavour to the proceedings, but disappointingly she has pulled out of the event at the last moment. Patrik Schumacher a Partner at Zaha Hadid Architects will attend in her place.

The truth is there really aren't that many high profile women at the top of this profession, shockingly I can only think of one woman who could possibly replace Zaha on this bill and that is Amanda Levete of Future Systems? Has anyone at the Barbican called her? Luckily the debate has a female chair, Razia Iqbal BBC Arts Correspondent and we look forward to seeing her keep the men in check.

The discussion will use Le Corbusier’s famous manifesto for modernism, ‘Five Points of a New Architecture’ as a starting point and the panel will address five key areas in relation to their own practice: Politics and the Ethics of Globalisation; Affordable Housing and Humanitarian Projects; Clients; Urban Planning; and Environment and Sustainability.

The Barbican Debate will take place in Barbican Hall on Thursday 9th April at 7.30pm. To book tickets go to the Barbican website.

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