Lavender Sachets as Moth Repellant

Are you looking for a chemical-free method for putting away your winter woolens without the threat of moth holes when you next need them to meet the cold season? Or a solution to many other problems for which a full-barrel chemical assault seems a bit extreme in relation to the risks such an approach may carry with it (such as smelling like Granny, never mind the other perfectly good reasons why the chemical behind the moth balls Granny used--dichlorvos--was banned)? Then read on for two hot TreeHugger tips...The first tip is: Lavender. The natural aromas in lavender repel moths. In spite of being the insect world's pickiest eaters (only your finest natural fibers, such as your new cashmere, will satisfy), it seems moths do not share our attraction to the purple flower's perfume. OK, for the record, lavendar aroma is also a chemical, but one which seems to have the weight of the benefits in the risk-benefit equation well on its side. Purple Haze Lavender can supply you if you are in their neighborhood, and if not, it is one of the best sites we came across for helpful hints, such as how can you dry your lavender and how to make lavender sachets.

The second tip is the website that brought us to ponder on this wonderful solution to a holey problem. The eco-worrier, brought to you by the Times Online, has a witty and grass-roots approach to her job as the Ann Landers of green dilemmas. Check in on the eco-worrier Anna Shepard for some amusing anecdotes sprinkled with eco-advise.

via: ::Times Online