Laurie David: The E Magazine Interview

Laurie David is smart. Okay, so that may not seem like news - but considering that celebrity activism can ring a bit hollow at times (recall Naomi Watts' well-intentioned but erroneous statement that hybrids "drive 20 miles per gallon"), Ms. David stands out as an articulate and very well informed advocate for climate protection. She's also frank about the opportunities her celebrity status and connections in the entertainment industry offer her as an environmentalist. When asked about her efforts to make climate change palatable to the public, Ms. David says "It has been my goal this year to permeate popular culture with this issue, and to use all of the resources that I have available to me to make that happen... Just using everything I can to take this issue off the science pages and put it on the front pages. My feeling is that if people don't start demanding change, the government is not going to change." Read the interview at the E Magazine website. Thank you for the tip John L!