Laurenceleste Children's Clothing

They've been in Organic Style, Oprah's "O" Magazine and InStyle. Stylish celebs such as Téa Leoni and Sting purchase their clothing line for their kids and as gifts. Lauren Murphy and Celeste Bayer were on a mission to be organic entrepreneurs and it seems like they've turned into just that. They've created an upscale children's clothing line, Laurenceleste, that's stylish, cuddly and soft as well as ecologically responsible. Laurenceleste, offers EcoSpun fleece (a smooth, supple fleece produced entirely from recycled beverage bottles), organic cotton, and recycled-cotton outfits and accessories for babies and toddlers. Lauren and Celeste believe strongly in helping the planet so fabric scraps that can't be used in next season's line are donated to quiltmakers and local schools. Slightly flawed or leftover clothing is sent to an orphanage. Laurenceleste's new spring 2005 line can be found at ::Pangaya. [by KD]