Last Minute Downloadable Designs and Decorations

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Much of North America is socked in solid and getting out to shop is even less attractive than it was when all you had to worry about was paying for for the gifts. TreeHugger recently showed a range of downloadable presents in our design gift guide, but here are a few last-minute Christmas-themed ideas, starting with the most complicated: a downloadable nutcracker man from Paper Replika.

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Derek and Lauren at Design Sponge offers these neat paper ornaments that "can be hung just about anywhere (from a tree, in a window, from a chandelier) and they are super simple to make. all it takes is some paper and a stapler to make any room feel festive" Design Sponge via Living Small

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Kate's Paperie offers downloadable templates to make holiday ornaments, via Apartment Therapy;
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Elsie Marley goes all Reiver on gingerbread people, first eating, then hanging them.

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Claudine Hellmuth offers "a fun Christmas village that I whipped up and I am going to show you how to make it too! The best part about this little village is that it will cost you next to nothing to make, I am betting you already have many of these items around your house!" via Paper Forest

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