::Last Day of The Slate Green Challenge!

061023_green_homeElectricity.jpg Think a screen saver reduces your electricity usage? Think again! A moving-image screen saver consumes as much electricity as a computer in active use and a blank screen saver is only slightly better. When you leave your home or office turn off your screen saver or monitor or shut your computer down completely. By doing so, you will decrease your carbon emissions and extend the life of your machine.

Today marks the last day of The Slate Green Challenge with Treehugger, but it’s not too late to make a pledge to reduce your CO2 emissions. Take our carbon footprint quiz and we will provide you with numerous ways to reduce your impact on the Earth including information on home/office, water, and heating. The first 500 contestants to finish the challenge get a new organic t-shirt from our friends at I’m Organic. You better hurry! ::Slate Green Challenge Welcome ::Slate Green Challenge Week 8: Home/Office

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