Last Chance to Register: Trend Day 2007


Of course, you saw the original post on Trend Day 2007. You were disappointed that you can't make it to Hamburg to meet Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus or Peter Head, the Project Director for the Dongtan eco-city. But you made a mental note to remind your avatar in Second Life to enroll for one of the free slots to hear the Trend Day lectures and discussions at the Corecon Convention Center. Double cool: you can tell your friends about the pros and cons of virtual convention attendance, saving loads of CO2 emissions compared with attending in person; and you can learn about trend-setting new ideas to stick into your scenario planning from the great minds that are on the cutting edge of the trends.

Did your avatar forget? Good news: Trendbuero has advised us that a few places are still free for the Second Life conference. See across the fold for tips on how to register.Instructions for registration from Trendbuero:

Please enroll yourself with a short email including your Second Life avatar-name under: We will then invite your avatar to the closed Second-Life-Group „Karma-Capitalism.“ Subsequently you just have to attend the Corecon Convention Center, the conference starts at 08:30 (Hamburg time, GMT + 2 hrs).

For further information about „Karma-Capitalism“ please contact:

Image via: Arup East Asia Project "An artist's impression of Dongtan Marina"

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