Lance Armstrong First in Line for a Nissan LEAF

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Better This Than Schwarzenegger and a Hummer
Car makers love it when they can get celebrities to endorse their products. Toyota got a lot of exposure when movie stars were seen driving its Prius hybrids around, Honda gave some of the first FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel cell cars to actors and movie producers, hoping it would revive the hype about hydrogen, and now Nissan has announced that uber-cyclist Lance Armstrong will be getting the first electric LEAF in the U.S. in September, 3 months before everybody else. Check out the video of Lance below.
Why Lance Armstrong? Well, Nissan has provided more than 40 support vehicles for the 800-mile, eight-day Amgen Tour of California, including one Leaf which appeared at the finish line for each stage. In addition, Armstrong was chosen as an official spokesperson for the Leaf, so it's not a huge surprise Armstrong will become the first person in the U.S. to get his hands on the electric hatch. Nissan's director of marketing and media, Erich Marx, noted that Armstrong was chosen because his fitness and constant drive for perfection are a perfect match to the qualities of the Leaf. (source)

It's still better to bike than to drive an electric car, but if you have to drive, the LEAF's will soon be at the top of the list...

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