Lady Gaga Readies Her Own Bottled Water Brand

If, as Lloyd recently asserted, suburbia is back, I suppose new bottled water brands couldn't be far behind.

Now, Lady Gaga and sustainability aren't two things that often get combined. Not that, I suppose, pop music and ecological thinking aren't compatible—unless you go down the intellectual rabbit hole of talking about the inherent unsustainability of rapidly changing trend, often for its own sake—but other than the occasional meat dress, the story lines most often remain separate.

Unfortunately though, they are now combining.

Here's ShowbizSpy:

The now branching into the world of healthy living with her own brand of bottled water which she will launch with a multi-million dollar campaign imagined by her Haus of Gaga creative team.The name and shape of the bottle is being kept secret at present.

“We know that the water drink is due out in the near future,” a source said. “No one has seen prototypes of the bottle.

“GaGa water is something that has been in the pipeline for a few months, and now things are really gearing up to an announcement and high-profile launch.”

I believe Haus of Gaga needs a lesson in how to broaden their perspective on healthy living, moving beyond the individual to the group, and some schooling on the utter waste that is bottled water. But I suppose the potential profits from having Lady Gaga branded water fountains and improved civic infrastructure aren't as great as individual disposable bottles.

I suppose there's no hope that the as yet secret bottle is actually a refillable one?

Lady Gaga Readies Her Own Bottled Water Brand
If suburbia is unashamedly back, I suppose it figures new bottled water brands wouldn't be far behind...

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