LA Gallery Supports Environmental Art

A brushstroke can’t repair the ozone, but a local Venice, CA gallery is helping artists come close. G2 Gallery is an environmentally conscious art gallery – meaning that not only does the art featured there capture images of nature and, natch, the environment, but the gallery itself supports Friends of the Ballona Wetlands—dedicated to restoring and preserving the Ballona Wetlands, a unique California coastal area, the Theodore Payne Foundation, devoted to promoting and restoring California landscapes and the California Native Plant Society—dedicated to conserving California native plants, among others.

Through November 30th, the gallery is featuring the work of Robert Ketchum, world-renowned environmental photographer (whom, interestingly enough, got his start capturing imagines of Jimmy Hendrix and the Doors). 100% of the proceeds will be going to support environmental charities. The exhibit will feature Ketchum's photography including his recent work on the Bristol Bay Salmon Fishery and his re-introduced images from his Sundance residence. Also on display will be Ketchum's large panel embroideries that reach up to six feet in height which have been meticulously translated from his photography.

Other ways G2 makes enjoying art responsible:

- G2 Gallery resides in a building with large windows and skylights creating natural lighting. This has allowed them to use less energy while lighting the artwork.

- G2 employs a Green cleaning company which uses low chemical soaps and detergents. Specifically, Mrs Myers earth friendly household cleaners and Geranium hand soap.

- G2 uses sustainable and low chemical production products - bamboo, organic cotton and hemp, as well as bamboo flooring.
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