KQED Quest Visits the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute to Learn about Ocean Acidification

I'm sure you're probably getting tired of hearing me drone on and on about ocean acidification (even though it arguably poses one of the greatest threats to our planet's livelihood), so I thought I'd let somebody else -- who's actually well-versed in the subject -- do the talking.

Though better known for its spectacular exhibits, the Monterey Bay Aquarium also boasts a crack research institute -- the appropriately named Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) -- which has been spending the last few years studying ocean acidification. While a bit on the short side, Lauren Sommer's audio slideshow does a great job of introducing some of the basic science and of showcasing the scientists' latest projects.


Image from MBARI

The most interesting experiment they are working on, at least from my standpoint, is the FOCE (Free Ocean CO2 Enrichment) concept. The goal of this project is to simulate what our future oceans might look like under low pH conditions by injecting controlled amounts of CO2 into a model ecosystem.

The scientists plan on recovering and studying the organisms exposed to the elevated CO2 levels after finishing the experiment to get a better sense of the species level impact of ocean acidification. You can read more about the FOCE prototype design and the project's status on their website.

Via ::KQED Quest: Reporter's Notes: Acidic Seas (blog"

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