Klima Sucht Schutz: Helping Germans Take Action


Klima Sucht Schutz. The Climate Seeks Protection. Thanks to the German Ship Museum, the 140-year-old sailing ship "Grönland" will bring the message from port to port this summer for the second summer running. Visitors to the ship can inform themselves about how they can get active in the fight to save our climate. The ship is a visible and vivid ambassador for the Klima-sucht-schutz campaign supported by the German Ministry for the Environment. Germans can find even more support for taking action at the project website:

  • Mission Blue Planet: this game is so popular, all the climate-neutral CDs have been delivered, and we are hoping funding is found soon for the next print run. Appropriate for all ages, the interactive quiz format makes learning about planet earth fun.

  • Energy Saving Tips: Klima Sucht Schutz really sets the standard here. These tips are easy to use, and really practical. Renters can enter basic data about their appartment building and heating bills to compare the energy efficiency of their building with the average and with the technically achievable level. In case the potential for improvement is high, a tool to automatically write a letter to the landlord is available. Owners can learn how to access subsidies and which actions have the best returns.

  • Best Practices Archive: look for more information in future TreeHugger posts on how quaint German village houses have succeeded to reduce energy almost to the point of CO2-neutrality.

If you can read German, take a look at the Klima-sucht-schutz campaign website. It is a great model for similar programs helping people to help themselves in the face of climate change questions which could otherwise confound and confuse people into inaction.

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