Klättermusen Win Award, For Organic Cotton Bilskirner Jacket

klattermusen bilskirner jacket

Photo: Klättermusen

Klättermusen, the Swedish outdoor gear design firm, just keeps on winning official kudos for its innovative clothing and equipment, having amassed 12 international design awards in the past four years alone.

Their latest creation, the Bilskirner Jacket, recently picked up an ISPO Outdoor Award for Textiles, as well as a 100% ranking in Klättermusen's own internal Eco Index. Although not strictly a waterproof garment, the Bilskirner, available later in 2010 if highly wind and water resistant due to an ultra-dense woven, certified organic cotton, shell fabric. Overlays of 100 % fluorocarbon-free, recyclable polyester fabric increase the weatherproofing. And if returned, at the end of useful life, Klättermusen will offer a refund of 10 Euros.

Klattermusen Bilskirner jacket Red Grey

Photo: Klättermusen

Taking its range of outdoor clothing, packs and sleeping bags into 18 countries Klättermusen continue to push the boundaries of product design and environment responsibility. They:
• avoid the use of PFOA (fluorocarbon) water repellant csurface treaments
• avoid the use of ePFTE (Teflon) waterproof laminates
• otherwise easily abraded garment edges are reinforced for extended wear
• use recycled nylon fabrics for their packs
donate 1% of sales to environmental projects nominated by customers
• rank products by an in-house Eco Index that has 10 environmental criteria
• offer customers a refund, up to 20 Euro, on products returned for recycling

Their environmental ethics certainly diverge from the lip service given by many sports product companies. And that's not the only aspect of the company which is a bit radical. Their product design and styling is often unconventional and quirky, which might not endear it to people used to products that uphold the status quo.

All this extra design thinking and product detailing has resulted in a line of outdoor gear that is unfortunately beyond the reach of many potential customers. For example, the aforementioned wind and water resistant Bilskirner jacket will retail for 441 Euro, which is roughly $600 USD making it more expensive than even a top of the line Arc'teryx fully tape seamed Gore-Tex waterproof jacket.

It is therefore impressive that there is a body of customers out there willing to support Klättermusen's commitment to functional gear and environment stewardship by opening their wallets extra wide.

:: Klättermusen, via ISPO
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