Kids on Dizzywood Plant 15,000 Virtual Trees to Green Planet Earth

dizzywood tree image

Not so long ago kids on Club Penguin put together some pretty impressive cash to help protect the planet with a mega-Christmas gift to the WWF, and now those who choose to play in Dizzywood, another virtual world where kids ages 8-12 can find their alter ego in an avatar have teamed up to plant 15,000 trees in the real world while seeing the first hand effects of a similar effort in Dizzywood.

The challenge itself asked kids to replant the virtual trees of Wildwood Glen, which had been destroyed by Emperor Withering, Dizzywood’s arch-villain; a neat tactic to give the kids a reason to want to help rebuild their online space in an eco-friendly way.
But the partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation means those same virtual trees are translated into trees in the real world in places that need them. And kids get the opportunity to see that they can make a difference by taking small steps in a concerted effort to help change the world.

It all sounds positive to me and it looks like something that a host of other online worlds and their partners could put to practice in any number of different ways.

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