Kids Go All-Out for a Green Graduation

Not too long ago we posted about college kids in Pennsylvania signing eco-pledges and wearing green ribbons at graduation in solidarity for a sustainable future. In fact, over 100 of the 560 graduates at Dickinson College had gotten in on the act But across the border there's a group of 8th graders at Tecumseh public school in Canada who've taken the whole thing a step further, and who I believe deserve a nod from Treehugger's everywhere. They decided to make their graduation an eco-friendly one by throwing out the idea of using paper cups, plates, and napkins in favor of reusable ones. Then they chose to forgo the imported refreshments in favor of local organic choices, and made sure even the coffee served to their parents was organic and fair trade too. The most powerful part of it all is that the whole idea for it came from the kids, who were able to convince the parent committee for graduation that green was the way to go.Now I'd be willing to bet that not many of their parents thought the whole plan was really possible at first, but once they got going the whole thing snowballed. How'd they pull it off? Well, first they asked to borrow the cloth napkins and tablecloths they needed from the local Hilton, then they hit up the local Starbucks for a donation of the coffee, a local church chipped in the dessert cutlery, and when they put up an ad on the website for 60 dinner plates, a woman called up who was more than happy to loan them a matching set. Now I'm more than certain that there was a great deal of their parents time and effort put into pulling this all together, but the bottom line is that it came from the students, and that's in keeping with what I've suspected all along. Getting kids involved in the environmental movement is incredibly powerful, because when they "buy in" they bring their whole family with them, and that's an observable fact. Let's hope this is just the start of more eco-friendly graduations and other special occasions to come for each and every one of them.

via:: The London Free Press