Kids Create Shoes of Hope in Fight Against Climate Change

It may be too late to start getting involved this school year, but there is a truly outstanding opportunity to get kids in your class involved next year in a project called "Art Miles Shoes of Hope". It's being run as a part of the Art Miles Mural Project, and is getting kids across America involved in the fight against climate change by having them paint canvas shoes for kids in the developing world that include personalized messages of what they are doing to help stop it's onslaught. Wonder what message that's sending to our kids? Well, it's really quite simple... First, they're learning that we here in the first world have created most of the issue with global warming, and that we can make a commitment to lead the charge to stop it. Second, it educates them about what living in the third world really means to other kids in places like Africa where even shoes are a highly valued item. Third, it gets kids involved in a project that can unify them and help educate their parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends, and neighbors about the crisis when they come home to talk about it. And if you think that's not an incredibly powerful part of this shoe painting madness I'd like to ask you just one simple question.... Is there really any messenger more effective than a child?