Kids Create Rain Barrels With A Cause

That's right folks, a local martial arts instructor in Annapolis, Maryland recently decided to engage his students in a fun, artistic endeavor to help prevent runoff and raise some bucks for local environmental causes at the same time. Impressively, 65 of his students showed up recently on a sunny Saturday morning to paint away alongside 4 local artists turning a bunch of your average rain barrels into artistic masterpieces worthy of sale at their charity auction. And they're learning from the activity too, because as Joe Van Deuren, their instructor and the owner of Balanced Life Skills put it, "We recognize that what we do and consume has an affect on others. Awareness is self-defense; the rain barrel project grew out of our program to learn what we can do to defend the environment."So what did the children choose to paint? Well apparently they put together some real show-stoppers with butterflies, sailboats, birds, rainbows, you name it! And with the auction itself set for 6p.m. this evening at the Sheraton Annapolis Hotel, you've got a great opportunity to make a difference yourself if you're in the area by supporting these kids and the local environment as well.

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Via:: Hometown Annapolis