Keyboard Food Tray- Back to Work!


We often complain about how cities make us fat because we don't walk anywhere, about how terrible fast food is for you, and how we admired James Levine for walking on his treadmill while at the computer. However, we fear Treehugger HQ will issue these to keep us at our desks unless we nip it in the bud. Therefore we now present the Un-TreeHugger award of the year nomination to designer Duck Young Kong for creating a tray where you can eat your lunch while computing, keeping those crumbs out of the keyboard and saving time. We would add one of those clamps used normally for holding paper while transcribing to hold your sandwich up where you could nibble and type at the same time. And perhaps a USB powered coffee pump. How about a short walk, a bit of fresh air, and something healthy for a change. ::Yanko Design via ::Sploid