21st Century Gargoyles Are Drawn on Found Paper and Decorated with Recycled Trash

Gargoyles and monsters are usually the domain of medieval art, hanging off of Notre Dame and dealing death in fear inspiring paintings. But artist Keri Rosebraugh has revived the motif, and she's added another element as well. Her gargoyles are drawn on found paper and wood, and brightened up with colorful pieces of repurposed trash.

Many of the Portland-born, LA-based Rosebraugh's works have clear environmental messages, railing against factory farming and industrial pollution. On her blog, she writes:

Expressing the importance of protecting and improving our environment directly through her artwork, Keri's paintings seek to inform, encourage, and inspire others to help save our planet.

The message behind Rosebraugh's latest work isn't so explicit, though you could make the (stretch of an) argument that these creatures are the result of genetic modification, or that they've evolved to live in a thoroughly warmed planet.

I don't think that's what she was going for, but Rosenbraugh does something much more interesting. Instead eco-lecturing, she offers proof that skillful, interesting art can be environmentally-minded without making us feel bad. And it's nice to know that trash destined the landfill has found a new life as canvas and paint.

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