Keep Winter Cool

Seeing as how 2004 went on record as the fourth warmest recorded in history, and seeing as how we love snow, we thought we’d bring Keep Winter Cool to your attention. The organization is a collaboration between the Natural Resources Defense Council and the National Ski Areas Association, who want to bring a greater awareness to the issue of global warming... And since the biggest impacts are likely to be felt where it matters most for winter sports--at higher elevations, and northern latitudes—the group aims to make sure skiers, snowboarders, and snow lovers everywhere understand the reality of the situation and what they can do to help. To wit, the most obvious consequences--less snowfall, shorter ski seasons, and higher resorts prices—are pretty big—and more importantly, tangible-- bummers. At Keep Winter Cool’s Web site, activity-oriented snow lowers can also become activists, by signing letters asking legislators to pave the way to a cooler future, checking in on the alarming stats, learning which resorts are friendliest to the cause, and providing lots of details on how individual can modify their habits to help out the cause. The site may be a bit underwhelming for know-it-alls like you who’ve been reading TH for months, but if you got a punk-ass friend or younger cousin who loves to shred but thinks all this global warming bunk has nothing to do with him, it’ll hit the nail right on the head. ::Keep Winter Cool [by MO]