Keep the Drips at Bay With ECO Pneumo Drybags

Remember the award winning ECO Thermo inflatable sleeping pad from Pacific Outdoor Equipment, which was green right down to its hemp cord in the stuff sac drawstring? Well, not wanting to let the grass grow under their feet the same guys have been at it again, but this time have turned their attention to drybags.

The ECO Pneumo's are a line of "non-dyed, single coated bamboo based fabric" waterproof bags for sea kayakers, river rafters or anyone who wants to keep their gear dry in overly moist environments. The usual choices are PVC-based, so this is a pleasant change, even if they're a bit heavier and more expensive than their less green brethren.

For extra kudos the three sizes (5, 15 & 25 litre) of ECO Pneumo sport purge valves (so you can release air to make the bag more compressible) made of recycled aluminium, and their production energy has been offset through the purchase of wind power credits. ::Pacific Outdoor Equipment, via web search.

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