Katie Holmes' Gas Guzzler

katie holmes-tom cruise all glammed up

....Shame on Katie Holmes! The jet-settting actress had not one - but two SUV's idling in front of the NYC's Caryle hotel, reports the New York Post. The gas-guzzlers were parked outside so Mrs "on-the-go" Cruise could make a fast exit from the hotel at a moments notice. Please!!! Don't ever think this busy lady is like us, regular folks-- she's got no time to waste on pedestrian stuff like waiting for her car to start.

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Gossip Girl Green Bags It!

kelly rutherford's eco-friendly light bulb

Gossip Girl Kelly Rutherford flaunts head-to-toe desiginer gear and a greedy lady who lunch lifestyle on the hit TV drama. Yet off camera, she's a go-to-green gal. She and her husband are building a solar-powered home, complete with denim insulation, she's converted all her incadescent light bulbs to eco-friendly ones - and her must-have accessory is this resuable canvas FEED tote. "Its perfect as a diaper bag, roomy enough to lug groceries home, and is a simple thing everyone can own to cutdown on plastic bags and do their part to reduce waste."

Britney Spears Goes For An Eco-Ride:

...Could Britney be revving up for a greener life? The troubled star was spotted riding a down-sized electric car.

britney spears riding an electric car

Ok, so her wheels are a wee bit small and (we hope) belong to her kids. But, this shot of Brit snug in an eco-kiddie ride was to precious to pass up.

Thanks: ecorazzi
Matthew McConaughey's Green Baby:

matthew mcconaughey and gal pal camilla aviles

...Impending fatherhood inspired Matt to go green. The actor is apparently nervous about potential toxins his child will come in contact with. "Now that he's going to be a dad, Matt is paying more attention to what's around him," says a friend of his. So, he and his baby mama, Camila Aviles, dropped major cash to prep the most eco-friendly nursery, including a $1200 crib from Green For Baby in LA.

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Sandra Bullock's Eco-Restarant

sandra bullock with bob hairstyle

Sandra ditched Hollywood for a quiet life in Austin, Texas. The actress also put eco-friendly eats on the menu in the Lone Star state with her restaurant Bess. The eatery features recycled furnishings, some of which were made from the floorboards of her renovated home. Plus, the take-out containers are all biodegradable made from sugar cane and potatoes. ...Most recently she created a line of soy based wax candles called Bessence.

Law And Order SVU's Green Set

Law and Order: SVU cast shot

...No more bottled water on the set of Law & Order: SVU. Actor Chris Meloni banned the waste and bought everyone reusable plastic bottles. "It makes a big difference," reveals his co-star Mariska Hagritay, "Two hundred or so people work on the show and everybody used to drink 5 or 6 bottles daily - so that's a lot of bottles."