Kate Moss Is Twisted and Sticky, In A Green Way (Video)

Who better to warn against the emptiness and destructiveness of overconsumption than an iconic model for consumerist culture? Kate Moss is the star of two short film by David Altweger, Mira Loew, Guillaume Cornet of Unit 10 Collective, which is shown off at Green Thing. The videos explore a Kate who consumes everything, and a Kate who reuses and recycles everything, and tries to make a point about happiness. Here is the "Twisted Kate" video in which consumption is the priority.

Green Thing writes on their YouTube page about the Twisted Kate, Sticky Moss videos:

Take one person and make her the ultimate twister, taking every chance to consume something new. Now take the same person and make them the ultimate sticker, sticking with what they had wherever possible. How different would their lives be?

You can catch the second video, "Sticky Moss," where being green is the key to a happier existance over at Green Thing.

Via Earth First
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