Karl Lagerfeld Isn't Afraid To Look Dorky

karl lagerfeld ugly vest photo

In the USA, people called Barack Obama "dorky" for wearing a bicycle helmet. In Canada, readers thought Member of Parliament Olivia Chow was a bit over the top with her safety gear.

In France, where they know something about style, even Karl Lagerfeld, the head designer at Chanel, knows that if you want to be seen and be safe, it pays to be loudly and obnoxiously dressed.

It is part of a new safety awareness campaign; as of July 1, all drivers and cyclists must have a vest and a reflective triangle. According to Bloomberg, "It's yellow, it's ugly, but it can save your life." says the poster, featuring Lagerfeld wearing the vest and his customary deadpan expression accentuated by dark sunglasses. ::Bloomberg

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