Just What We Needed Dept: The YouTube Enabled Microwave

youtube microwave oven photo

I just never know what to do for those ninety seconds when I am nuking the leftovers; the time just never seems to end and I often just can't wait and pull it out a few seconds early. Now, thanks to the geniuses at Keio University in Japan, my problem is solved. They have integrated a monitor into the window of the microwave (something we have seen before) and connected it to a computer so that it picks random YouTube videos that are the same length as the cooking time. So why is this on TreeHugger? We love seeing devices that serve multiple functions, and undercooking food can be dangerous.

Here is a video of it in action; I didn't watch it, it's too long for me. Gizmag points out a few problems:

Because they are chosen based purely on their running time, there's no way to control which clips are displayed. That could cause problems for families when little Billy goes to heat up a tasty snack, only to be exposed to content not suitable for young, impressionable eyes.

Eschewing the transparent glass in favor of an LCD display also means that it's not possible to keep an eye on things as they cook. Still that could add a touch of suspense to your cooking with the tension mounting as you open the door at the completion of a clip unsure whether it will reveal a perfectly cooked meal, or an unrecognizable, charred, smoking lump.


Keita Watanabe & Shota Matsuda won a special mashup award for "turning waiting time into fun." I look forward to full length movies on our oven door and The Lord of the Rings on our crockpot.

See more at Crunchgear.

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