Just What We Needed Dept: Plastic Disposable Wishbones


Ken Ahroni, inventor of the plastic wishbone. Photo credit Puget Sound Business Journal

Finally, the answer to one of life's great problems, the annual Thanksgiving fight over who gets the wishbone! Unclutterer shows us the Lucky Break Plastic Wishbone.

This is a huge advance in manufacturing and marketing; Back in the day we just had planned obsolescence, or just made products so cheap that people threw them away instead of fixing. Now we actually have a product that is designed to be broken and thrown away as soon as you open the package!


Inventor Ken Ahroni writes:

I invented Lucky BreakĀ® Wishbones for the masses so everybody, including vegetarians, have a chance to make a wish -- with grandma AND grandpa AND mom AND dad AND friends, etc. etc. on Thanksgiving and every day throughout the year! And well, as they say -- THE REST IS HISTORY.

Bless him, bringing wishbones to the masses and vegetarians everywhere. But are they recyclable? Ken answers:

Yes, of course. We are very conscious about our global environment. Both the packaging and wishbones are recyclable. Thank you for asking.

Whew. So there is no chance of them ending up in the landfill or as a commenter on Unclutterer noted, the belly of an albatross.

It is the ultimate business idea: create a product with a life cycle of about twelve seconds, then replace. Sell a dozen manufactured wishbones so nobody gets left out when there is just one natural one. Brilliant. Thanks, Ken!

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