Just What We Needed Dept.: Colgate Wisp, A Model of Corporate Hypocrisy

wisp toothbrush photo

I have got tired of doing rants about stupid single-use disposable projects (disposable plastic wishbones, anyone?). However, Mark Gunther shows us another great addition to the Pacific garbage gyre or the belly of an albatross: the Colgate Wisp "single-use mini toothbrush."

wisp toothpaste photo single use

As the website notes, you can freshen up many times per day, one brush at a time. All that plastic, off to the dump. At least, unlike the wishbone manufacturer, they do not have the nerve to claim that it is recyclable.

colgate environmental statement

Of course, Colgate has a website devoted to sustainability where they claim to respect the planet, "not just because it is the right thing to do, but because it makes good business sense." But look at their "long term goals;" they have nothing to do with reducing. Marc concludes:

The company lists a number of environmental goals, promising to reduce energy use, CO2 emissions and water use per ton of production. Translation: Colgate will continue to make throwaway products like Wisp, but it will do so more efficiently than before.

Respect for the planet, indeed.

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