Just What We Needed Dept: Canned Air


Always on the hunt for new ways to waste money and resources, we present the Power of Oxygen: Big Ox canned air. It is the answer to our environmental ills: "Because of increased pollution and the continued destruction of our forests, you might not always be getting the oxygen you need for your active lifestyle."2007-12-17_153400-cannedair.jpg

Just what you need in your water bottle holder: a ten buck, 3.5 gram can of "power oxygen" in flavours like Citrus Blast, Mountain Mint, Polar Rush, and Tropical Breeze. Ohgizmo suggests that you " strap a pine tree air freshener under your nose and it’ll have the same effect, and it might just make you smell better to boot."


Big Ox suggests that " Food, water and oxygen are key to a healthy lifestyle." Right. Fast food, bottled water and now, canned oxygen. Is there anything left to sell? ::Big Ox via ::Geekologie

See the Japanese edition: Canned Oxygen at Japan's 7-11 Stores

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