Just What We Needed Dept: Canned Air


Always on the hunt for new ways to waste money and resources, we present the Power of Oxygen: Big Ox canned air. It is the answer to our environmental ills: "Because of increased pollution and the continued destruction of our forests, you might not always be getting the oxygen you need for your active lifestyle."


Just what you need in your water bottle holder: a ten buck, 3.5 gram can of "power oxygen" in flavours like Citrus Blast, Mountain Mint, Polar Rush, and Tropical Breeze. Ohgizmo suggests that you " strap a pine tree air freshener under your nose and it’ll have the same effect, and it might just make you smell better to boot."


Big Ox suggests that " Food, water and oxygen are key to a healthy lifestyle." Right. Fast food, bottled water and now, canned oxygen. Is there anything left to sell? ::Big Ox via ::Geekologie

See the Japanese edition: Canned Oxygen at Japan's 7-11 Stores

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