Just What We Needed Dept: A Sandwich In A Can

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Possibly appearing soon on grocery shelves is the Candwich, which the New York Times thinks might be "the next can't-miss billion-dollar idea." Or not. What's wrong with this picture?

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By way of background, a certain Utah money manager named Travis Wright took his clients' money and invested it in the idea. Unfortunately for sandwich lovers everywhere, he crashed and burned before he even got to introduce Pepperoni Pizza Pocket and French Toast flavours.

But inventor Mark Kirkland of Mark One Foods perseveres, calling it "the perfect product for people on the go such as students, construction workers, soccer moms and outdoor enthusiasts." He also note that the "unique packaging offers convenience and protection while backpacking, camping, biking and other activities."

Except in many parks it is illegal to bring in canned food, because of the waste problem; there is nowhere to put them and people are often too lazy to pack them out.

And what mom is going to give her little dear a canned sandwich with a pull-off metal lid? Not exactly the safest form of packaging.

No doubt it will find a place in the armageddon survival market, where disposing of empty cans is the last thing that they worry about. But otherwise it is just about the worst idea we have heard of since the Canburger.

More in the New York Times, via Dvice

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