Just What We (and China) Needed: The TPresso Tea Machine

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We have gone on at length about the Nespresso coffee system that is overrunning Europe, where you pay for a machine and then lock yourself forever to Nescafe, which sells you a cup of overpriced convenience that leaves a trail of little plastic turds that they pretend to recycle. I have called this concept design for unsustainability.

Like everyone else, they are salivating over the Chinese market, but they don't drink much coffee there. So: Introducing the Tpresso.


One would have thought that tea has the convenience thing all figured out, with that teabag thing, but no, that isn't convenient enough. Instead, the Tpresso, priced at a modest 5000 yuan (US$ 768!) is being marketed to " younger consumers who don't have time to brew tea in the traditional way." So now they can buy overpriced tea in little plastic turds and of course, they will be recyclable.

Eric Favre, the founder of Nestlé's Nespresso, and chairman of Tpresso, will be selling it to hotels, and luxury car dealerships as well as to businesses, restaurants and private households. John Revill of the Wall Street Journal concludes:

Well, when you are spending thousands on the latest Mercedes, BMW or Jaguar, the dealer spending a few hundred for to make you a cup of tea is hardly going to hurt. Having tasted a cup, it was pretty nice. But I think I'll stick with a kettle.

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